Root Water


Something that I’ve found while restarting my eating habits has been my craving for flavour. Ginger is something that I use interchangeably and very frequently.

I put ginger in tea, kombucha, water kefir, soups, sautéed vegetables, smoothies, you name it! We all know it for soothing stomachs, but it also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and is an antioxidant.
Turmeric, has claims of being one of the more powerful herbs on the planet. Also an anti-inflammatory, it is also used as a pain killer like Asprin, and can reduce depression-like symptoms. Great in a curry, it’s also super popular in a Golden Milk Latté or to spice up some water kefir.
For those who have ever sat to peel and then juice these creatures, you will know how time consuming it can be. Luckily, one of the “rules” I’d set up for myself in this restart is organic where possible. So when dealing with roots like ginger or turmeric, they won’t have to be peeled – and in turmerics way, stain your fingers for days.

A good scrub will remove the grocery store vibes and any excess dirt. Then, I just break up the roots and put them in the blender with a good amount of water. Generally, I’ll put about 2 Cups for each full nub and purée it until it’s a runny pulp. Add more water, if you need to, then strain into a jar. It’ll keep about a week in the fridge.


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