Kale Chips


Everybody likes chips. Or at least around here they do.
When potatoes were nixed for the restart, snacking was tricky.
Enter the kale chip. Eat more kale, chip like texture…


I’ve attempted kale chips, dehydrated, oven style, they’re not always good. But after learning a bit more about massaging my kale for salads, I decided to try it for roasting kale too. By breaking down the fibres allowing added oil to get into the leaves, to crisp them up instead of dry them out as well as add more flavour.



1 Bunch of Kale
2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Lemon, zested
Sea Salt

Strip the leaves from the tougher stems of the kale and place them in a bowl. Hold the stem and run your other hand along the length of the kale grabbing the leaves. Compost stems.
Massage the leaves with your hands, grabbing and crushing. Rinse and dry leaves thoroughly.
Add the leaves back to the bowl and add the oil, gently massaging it in.
Lay the leaves in a single layer on a baking sheet. (You may need two baking sheets.)
Zest the lemon peel, letting it evenly fall over the leaves and sprinkle over sea salt.
Roast in a 300ºF oven checking after 10 minutes to turn the pan and flip larger pieces. Roast for another 10 minutes keeping an eye on the colour, so they don’t brown.
Allow them to cool on the pan completely before bagging them air tight.

Try other flavours than salty lemon, like, smoked paprika with salt or zata’ar.

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