Full Body Reboot

A desire to restart inspired the site itself.  Even as a trained chef, life became as busy as everyone else’s. Food started to become secondary. Convenience and surrender became the norm. Craving to a time when life was slower and cooking was sacred. It’s time to weave our food origins back into everyday life.

ReStart Eating is like pushing the reset button.
After cancer and auto-immune diseases,  there were countless attempts at “diets”;
Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Juicing, Gut-bio…
How do I take all of the benefits of all?
How do you ReStart your Eating?

ReStart Eating is about something that forces you to change your eating habits. Focussing on pure ingredients, it’s more that just wanting thinner hips, more energy and good gut bacteria.
How do you unlearn your pallet and walk it back to the beginning? How do you wean off sugar and the North American Diet?

You ReStart Eating.

The goal to inspire you restart and create your own unique dishes. While our recipes can incorporate industrial food, we aim for unprocessed and homemade. We recommend sourcing locally when at all possible. Seasonal produce and free-range meats always yield the best flavour. Most of all, we believe they contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a more connected community.

Restart, Rebirth, Renew.

Work with me! I am available for menu planning, recipe development, food photography and styling.

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Noun: A beginning of an action, journey, etc.
Verb: To begin or set out, 
as on a journey or activity.

to appear or come suddenly into action, life, view, etc.;